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After teaching special education for 13 years, founder Gus Brecht was tired of the excessive amount of time and effort required to complete triplicate IEP forms. Thinking there must be a better way, Gus began writing IEP software to simplify the process and save staff time. The original version of the software was introduced in 1999 as a FileMaker program and Brecht’s Database Solutions, Inc. was born. While the FileMaker program eased much of the workload for special education staff, this type of program had some limitations. Staff didn’t have the benefit of instant updates or easy access from any location.

Always working toward opportunities for improvement, PowerIEP went 100% web-based in 2004.

Over time, the PowerSuite grew to include PowerIEP, PowerDS (Fee-for-Service Medicaid Billing), PowerRTI (Response to Intervention), PowerEval (Teacher Evaluation Software), and PowerAttend (Attendance and Billing for Outside Placement Facilities).

Today, BDS, Inc. continues to incorporate these values into our company. We strive to create easy-to-use software backed by superior customer support – because teacher’s jobs are hard enough!

We make answering your questions and concerns our top priority, as proven by our 100% customer retention rate since our inception in 1999. You can immediately communicate with live, highly-knowledgeable representatives via phone or email (no automated systems!). BDS, Inc. currently serves over 150 school districts and over 6,000 users, and we would love the opportunity to serve you as well.


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Recently Added Features

September 2014

PowerEval allows users to customize Pre-Observation and Post-Observation questions based on user type.

PowerIEP has been updated to reflect many state updates:

  • IAA information has been replaced with the newest DLM guidelines.
  • PARCC information and accommodations have replaced ISAT.
  • Early Childhood Outcomes Form was updated per state guidelines.


February 2014

We are excited to announce the addition of the evaluation walk-through component in PowerEval! This component allows administrators to quickly and easily complete informal walk-through observations for all staff. Because the system is accessible from any device with internet access, administrators have the freedom to complete walk-throughs directly from their iPad, laptop, or other mobile device.