Brecht’s Database Solutions, Inc. offers the following products:


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PowerIEP (Individual Education Program)

IEP Form Completion and Administrative Reports. Additional IEP Components Available: 504 Forms, Early Childhood Outcomes, ISPs (Individual Service Plans), Behavior Incident Reporting, Medical Services Plan

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PowerRTI (Response to Intervention)

Data Collection Software to Track Academic and Behavior Interventions from Core Curriculum through Tier III/Entitlement.



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PowerDS (Fee-for-Service Medicaid Billing)

Document Medicaid Billing for Services Provided to Eligible IEP Students. Allows Users to Compare Service Minutes Specified on the IEP to the Number of Minutes Billed for Higher Accuracy. Allows Districts to Enter Claiming for Special Transportation



Features Available for All Programs:

LDAP Interface– Allows districts to verify their staff members and ensure security. Gives staff members the convenience of using one user name and password for all programs.

FTP Interface with Student Management System– Allows districts to update student demographic information on a regular basis from a student management system